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Hot inked-up young men Cage Kafig & Mishka Voxx swap blowjobs

Tattooed young men don’t come much hotter than studs Cage Kafig & Mishka Voxx, who are smooth, toned and absolutely slathered with ink. Tattooed arms? Check. Tattooed chests? Check. Tattooed hands? Check. The only parts of them left relatively uncovered are their legs, which I’m sure if we see them again in a few years will be equally adorned.

The guys are quickly naked and making out, which is super hot to watch as they’re both pretty masculine and, I’ve a feeling, leaning more towards the straight side of sexuality. This doesn’t impinge on them getting hard of course- a wet, warm mouth feels good whomever it belongs to, right? Especially when a guy knows instinctively what makes a cock feel good, and even if he’s never sucked one before will probably take to it like a duck to water.

Still, judging by the way Mishka gobbles up Cage’s cum, and then the way Cage then leans in for a kiss while his own cum is still Mishka’s lips, I’ve got a feeling these guys are really warming up to guy-on-guy sex…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Who would you rather get fucked by? Dato Foland or Colby Keller?

As I was jerking off to (ahem, I mean reviewing) this hot outdoor threesome scene featuring Russian stallion Dato Foland and American power-top Colby Keller spit-roasting Logan Moore, I got thinking about which of the two of them I would most want to get fucked by, you know, if the porn gods smiled down upon me and gave me the choice.

Would I want Dato to be spreading my legs, pushing his thick uncut cock inside me as he whispered Russian expletives into my ear, or would I rather Colby Keller held me down aggressively and dripped sweat onto my back as he relentlessly fucked the cum out of me, as he tends to do to?

I can’t decide. But here’s where you can help- I’ve posted my favourite videos of the two of them below, so we can all refresh our memories of their sexual techniques:

Dato Foland fucks Denis Vega

Colby slams into Paul Wagner

And now you can cast your own vote on which of them you’d rather fuck around with below! It’s all just for fun so don’t over-think it- just go with your boners first reaction…

Junkstep said "Colby will always be my favourite, he has a special place in my heart (and my butt, if he ever wants to fill it)"
on October 31, 2014

Amateur couple fuck bareback by a window- showing off to the world!

What’s the point of having a floor to ceiling window if you don’t fuck a friend in front of it? These two certainly agree, as the bottom is turned into a moaning mess by his friend slamming his dick bareback into him from behind, all the while showing everything off to the world through the large window in front of them.

The guy topping fucks until he moans hard and cums inside his friends butt, then grabs the camera and points it at the butt-hole he just pounded and commands ‘show me that load‘. The happy bottom pushes out some of the fresh spunk from his hole, before dropping to his knees and milking any remaining cum out of his friends cock.

Jessie Montgomery gets Halloween ‘surprise sex’ from Corbin Webber

It’s spooky times at Helix Studios, as Halloween rolls in and cute blond twink Jessie Montgomery settles down to watch a creepy black & white movie at home… but he really should have locked his front door first. Because hot young hunk Corbin Webber is skulking around his neighbourhood looking for an ass to fuck- and he’s got his eye on Jessie’s hole! Corbin breaks into Jessie’s place, steals his phone, sneaks up behind him in a hood and throws the smaller guy onto his own bed before… breaking character and asking where the lube is. Whoops!

Still, it’s a hot (if a little rapey) scenario and the boys don’t let the built up tension go to waste, with Jessie giving up his ass to dominant Corbin and moaning with genuine pleasure as the jock thrusting his dick into him hits spots just that *little bit* deeper than he’s used to. Corbin himself is a great performer to pair Jessie with, as he doesn’t give off that ‘twinky’ vibe that Helix Studios is famous for; he’s more of a masculine young man, wasting little time on words as he’s more interested in fucking a butt and dumping his cum.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Logan Moore spit-roasted by Dato Foland & Colby Keller in the woods

At the beginning of this scene Logan Moore asks ‘what do you want of me?’ (in his sexy Netherlands accent) to Dato Foland and Colby Keller, who just happen to be hanging out naked outside his… tree-house? OK, so Logan lives in a tree-house in the forest and that isn’t even the strangest thing going on here because he’s about to get spit-roasted by two WEREWOLVES! Yes, Colby and Dato are freaking werewolves (oh, hello Halloween themes), who just took some time out of their busy schedule of peeing on bushes and chewing on shoes to fuck a random guy in the woods.

Colby and Dato are two of the hottest guys in gay porn today so I certainly wouldn’t mind finding them hanging around naked outside my abode, and neither does Logan, as he drops to his knees and starts sucking both their dicks, flipping his mouth between the two of them as if he’s not quite sure if he wants to suck on Colby’s cut or Dato’s uncut cock the most.

Before long Colby is shoving his big dick into Logan’s ass as he’s pushed up against a tree, with Dato licking on Logan’s bone like the well trained pup he is. The guys finally leave their mark all over Logan’s face (also known as a double cum facial) before scampering off into the woods, leaving Logan in a pool of cum to reminisce about that time he met the nicest pair of werewolves that ever roamed the earth.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Luke Taylor is the cum swallower for a hot outdoor bukakke party

Luke Taylor is your average kinda guy- apart from the unquenchable passion for sucking on multiple cocks and getting covered in a gallon of cum burning in the pit of his stomach, of course. It’s always the quiet looking ones isn’t it? In this young-cock-packed adventure he takes on SIX hard dicks, belonging among others to Enzo Bloom, Nick Gill, Marcus Kirkk & Nick Daniels, and he simply doesn’t know which cock to suck next- the one bobbing in front of his face, the one prodding into his cheek or the one smacking the back of his head… Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Still, he manages to rise above the existential horror of it all and deep throat everyone at the bukakke party with practiced skill- working them all up to a big cum finish, where the guys shoot their loads all over his face, smooth chest and tongue. If you’ve ever wondered what six young guys cum looks like when it’s splashed across one cum-slut guys body, here’s the answer- fucking hot! And I encourage you to follow my lead and add your own to the mix…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

It’s a ‘Sketchy Sex’ gang-bang- where everyone is masculine & under 25

The ‘Sketchy Sex’ house if the kind of place where a guys brain switches off and his cock takes over. It all leads to incredibly debauched behavior, such as a hot young tattooed guy on his knees in a hallway sucking on a thick dick to the point of choking on it, while the other extremely attractive (and nerdy looking) guy attached to the cock encourages him to take it deeper, to lick his balls and to basically do whatever the hell he says. Being hung has really made this masculine young men dominant, and it’s fucking hot, right?

The climax of this scene is that same cock-sucker getting gang banged over a kitchen table. And I don’t mean the kind of polite gang-bang that takes place in most gay porn, where guys cordially line up to have their turn and apologise if cum gets in someones eye- no, this is hardcore stuff, with one guy holding the bottom down by the neck while another guy fucks his mouth to the point of cumming and then forces him to swallow.

It could all be slightly worrying to watch if you didn’t know that the guy being face fucked was getting off on it all big time- he’s practically begging for more cum before he’s swallowed the load already on his tongue.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

jonathan said "I like this guy but he is in love with another guy but he tried to tape me"
on October 29, 2014


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