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New Cockyboy Willam is a lean, handsome young thing, with a sexy hairy chest leading down to some serious abs. Gabriel Clark is the older, wiser power-top who’s about to break Willam into his new career- being a hot bottom at Cockyboys! And he does a marvelous job, encouraging Willam to bounce up and down on his rock-hard cock, fucking himself silly on that uncut Canadian meat.

Gabriel gets Willam in quite a few different positions, but goes with the trusty doggy-style to finish. Gabriel’s cum shot is explosive- shooting all over Willam’s lean back and smooth ass, coating the younger man in some hot, tasty cum…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

power top gabriel clark fucks new lean sexy cockyboy willam Power top Gabriel Clark fucks new lean & sexy Cockyboy Willam

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Another day, another stunning Seancody bareback fuck update. This time it’s muscular and handsome jocks Cameron & Porter who are getting in on the action, with infamous top Cameron having his hungry eyes roam over Porter’s tight bubble butt and wanting it wrapped tightly around his cock.

Before that happens Porter gets his lips wrapped around Cameron’s dick, sucking it to full hardness, before climbing onto Cameron and slowly sinking onto that throbbing cock. Porter is really talented at taking dick- that whole thing just slips inside, causing them both to sigh from the tight fit. After Porter has fucked himself good on that cock Cameron decides it’s time to take over, pushing Porter onto his front and thrusting his bare dick back inside him- it’s so hot watching Cameron’s balls smashing against Porter’s butt as he goes balls deep

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

seancody muscle jocks cameron porter fuck bareback Seancody muscle jocks Cameron & Porter fuck bareback

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Boy does Joe Clark love to suck cock! He practically worships Austin Wolf’s rocking hard cock, slurping and sucking and often looking up at the larger man for approval, all with that meat stretching his lips open. Austin is very approving and happy to have such a cute guy sucking on his cock, and lets the younger man take his time sucking…

Joe Clark also really enjoys having a hard dick stuck up his ass. Which is lucky for the muscular Austin, as that hard dick is attached to him, and it feels pretty amazing to be inside Joe, and have the smaller bottoms tight ass milk the pre-cum from his cock…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

man mountain austin wolf gives joe clarks ass a hard pounding Man mountain Austin Wolf gives Joe Clarks ass a hard pounding

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Apparently Landon Conrad is dealing with his collapsing marriage in this latest scene. Well, what does he expect when he’s a gay porn star fucking a hot new hole every other day? Especially when that hole is attached to a total hottie like muscular fuck-stud Logan Vaughn. God damn he’s handsome and built, the perfect match for a muscle vs muscle flip fuck with Landon.

The two of them look beautiful naked, and then when Landon sticks his face in Logan’s bubble butt and starts eating him out? Damn if I didn’t almost pop my own load out there and then. Landon wastes no time getting Logan ready with his tongue, then pulls back and slaps his hard cock all over that juicy hole, pushing in and giving Logan nothing to think about but that cock up his ass. After some intense pounding the guys switch and Logan gets his turn to give Landon a hard, solid fucking…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

handsome smooth muscle men landon conrad logan vaughn flip fuck Handsome muscle men Landon Conrad & Logan Vaughn flip fuck

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Tayte Hanson, or Tayte Handsome as I prefer to call him, REALLY knows how to fuck. He absolutely grinds and slams into smaller Jaxon Radoc, who between bouts of moaning and toe curling, is probably wondering what the hell he’s got in to- does every one of the Cockyboys tops fuck as ferociously as Tayte does? And will he survive the experience?!

As much as I hate to spoil the surprise, he does survive and has a very, very satisfied look on his face at the end- plus abs completely covered in both of their loads of cum. Not surprisingly really, I’d be cumming buckets if I’d just got pounded into the sofa as long and hard as Jaxon had. If only he could have seen Tatye’s muscle butt as it was happening- it looks incredible as it drives every one of Tayte’s hard inches home into Jaxon’s pulsating butt hole.

And that cocky smile at the end where Tayte looks at the camera and knows he’s done good? Fucking dreamy.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

new cute cockyboy jaxon radoc gets pumped hard by tatye hanson New cute Cockyboy Jaxon Radoc gets pumped hard by Tayte Hanson

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Young Zane Porter is a crazy-ass rent boy in this latest Randy Blue update, and he’s a flippin’ cutie- angelic face, toned body, abs to die for and tattoos snaking down his bulging arm. But instead of serving his ass up on a platter to businessman Jordan Levine, Zane grabs the money and runs.

However, you can’t hide from Mr Levine- he’s got eyes all over LA. Jordan and his driver Angel Santiago catch up with Zane and drag him into their BMW. Angel’s demand? Simply that Zane provides the services he stiffed him for.

What follows is a crazy fuck inside the BMW, with athletic Zane getting slammed by Jordan on the backseat while simultaneously giving Angel a hand job in the front- impressive right? Things soon move outside the car, where Angel & Jordan pick Zane up and fuck him in midair- his ass is just helpless and open to Jordans’s pounding and he moans like a bitch on heat. Zane ends up with Jordan’s load shot across his 18 year old face- just the way every good blowjob should end!

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

zane porter 18 fit and tattooed in car threesome with angel santiago roman todd Zane Porter, 18, fit and tattooed, in car threesome with Angel Santiago & Jordan Levine

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You got to hand it to, when they decide to produce a themed scene or, as in this case, a homage to a popular TV show like Game Of Thrones, they really go all out with it. Two of their hottest talents, Dato Foland & Paul Walker, are shown in a lavishly styled Moroccan-style room (very Kings Landing) where Paul is rubbing shaving cream over Dato’s ridiculously cut chest and abs, in preparation to give him a little manscaping. Which, to be honest, is something of a crime- Dato’s chest is furry perfection- Paul must be punished!

Which he dutifully is- by being fucked hard up the ass by Dato’s cock. Now, as punishments go, this isn’t the cruelest I’ve seen, and it’s obvious by Paul’s unrelentingly hard cock that he’s loving every second of it, so much so that he returns the torturous pleasure he just received by bending Dato over and fucking him back. The two of them are building to some momentous orgasms, of which Paul’s ends up shot across a very horned-up Dato’s chest as he’s lying on his back on the floor, legs spread and in the air…

The funny thing about all this is that the show itself is almost as erotic and hardcore as this scene. Seeing as the author is on board with the gays, we can only hope he’ll write this scene into his next book?!

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

dato foland paul walker in hawt gay of thrones flip fuck Dato Foland & Paul Walker in HAWT Gay Of Thrones flip fuck

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The Helix Real Cam is where twink boyfriends bring a video camera to their bed and film themselves fucking as they would when there’s no-one else around- so they really let go and do the kind of things that feel good, worrying less about what looks good for the camera. Here we have real life boyfriends Lukas Grande and Jack Rayder fucking bareback, flip fucking and sliding raw cock into each others tight smooth asses.

They are a really cute couple and you can see their easy going chemistry in the interview before they fuck. The college boys talk about how they met, their first kiss and what they most like about each other- before then getting down to business, riding each others cocks and making some sweet, twink love…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

oh yeah i love watching helix twink boyfriends filming themselves fucking Oh yeah, I love watching Helix twink boyfriends filming themselves fucking!

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To cheeky & cheery Asian power-bottom Eli Lewis nothing is sacred- not even a wedding day. He’s looking to mount a man on this most special of days, and who does he have in his sights? Reverend Ray Han. Yes, a man of God. I’m guessing Ray got ordained online by the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but still, Eli, you slutty little temptress.

The pics below don’t really give you an idea of how hard Eli is pounded by the larger, older and aggressive Ray Han (you got to watch the trailer below for that). Eli’s hipster hair flops all over the place as Ray slams into him from behind, totally dominating the smaller bottom and causing him to cry out in passionate pleasure. Eli may always be the bridesmaid and never the bride, but he’s got a hard cock up his ass, so he doesn’t really give a fuck.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

eli lewis has his bubble butt worshiped and given a blessing by reverend ray han Eli Lewis has his bubble butt worshiped (and given a cum baptism) by Reverend Ray Han

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