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Tattooed jocks Levi Karter & Asher Hawk eat ass, suck and flip fuck

Asher Hawk has the kind of deep, masculine voice that makes my toes curl and my asshole pucker- he could talk a nun into bed just by reading from a phone book. He seduces young, innocent (yeah right) Levi Karter into sucking on his thick dick in this Cockyboys scene, before pushing it into Levi’s tight muscle butt.

Levi Karter may be a power bottom (he sure knows how to take a pounding) but he also likes to get his own end away when he’s faced with the kind of handsome that Asher’s oozing from every pore. Who wouldn’t want to sink his cock into a cute young masculine lad like Asher after all? So the guys partake in some sizzling flip fucking, taking turns to pound each others asses until their young loads are all but leaking out the ends of their dicks… THEN BLAM! You can guess what happens…

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Straight smooth guy with long, big cock jerks off and shoots cum

If you’ve got a big cock you’re morally obliged to post a video on the internet of yourself jerking it off and shooting cum- at least, that would be my first new law if I was made ruler of the world for a day.

This guy obviously got the memo. He takes us on a beautiful journey- from seeing his hot cock and balls in a sleeping state, flaccid but still gorgeous, before jerking his dick awake and showing us just how big it can get- and it sure gets LONG and HARD! He massages the head with his hand, between taking drags on his cigarette, then shoots a hot white load all over himself- it even reaches to his neck! Hawt.

Smooth young college guys Jessie Montgomery & Elijah West flip fuck

Elijah West has the best rack of toned, smooth abs I’ve seen in a long while- and they look absolutely smashing as they flex and twist while he’s slamming his thick young cock deep into blond twink Jessie Montgomery’s smooth ass. The guys make a gorgeous couple- one darker, one lighter, both smooth and slim, both rock-hard from the blowjobs they give one another.

Jessie Montgomery got a little enthusiastic with his shaver the day before the shoot so he’s as smooth as a plucked chicken- thus Elijah doesn’t end up with a single stray pube between his teeth after sucking down every inch of his dick. How thoughtful! After some sloppy rimming, the guys then move on to the main attraction- the sensual, sizzling flip fucking we all want to see. I’m not sure which of them enjoys getting a cock up the ass more because they both make a lot of appreciative noises as they’re getting fucked- leading up to a very satisfying climax (gimme teenage cum!!).

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Hairy & hung Maxx Fitch fucks young Robbie Rivers bareback

Maxx Fitch is just chilling out in bed, fake sleeping as a whole camera crew looks on (it’s a unique porn star skill) when young, handsome and toned man Robbie Rivers sneaks into the room, looking for a big dick up his lily-white butt. He then nurses Maxx’s BIG, thick cock with his mouth, getting it ready to shove inside his hole. And boy does Maxx have a gorgeous cock- it’s long and throbbing, thick enough to stretch even the sluttiest bottoms hole an inch beyond what he’s used to.

Robbie takes the resulting pounding well, moaning from the banging his prostate’s soaking up, grimacing from the intensity of Maxx’s masculine thrusting, but never asking him to stop (or even slowdown). Maxx really gets into barebacking Robbie’s butt, railing him in several different positions, breathing deep from the exertion until his hairy chest and tattooed skin is wet with sweat…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Smooth guy with MASSIVE cock jerks and shoots loads of cum

Does this man have one of the most perfect cocks ever? It’s totally thick, straight and hard, with the kind of wide head you just know would have you seeing stars if it got shoved up your ass, or crushed against the back of your throat.

This well-endowed hunk also has a great body- smooth and toned, perfect to show of his cock. He jerks off his dick with both hands at one point, pulling back his foreskin on each downward stroke, before busting a thick, juicy load, which just keeps… on… coming… I love me a big cumshot- just wish I’d been there to swallow it for him!

Big dicked Luke Alexander rides dildo then fucked in kitchen threesome

Sexually adventurous (and tanned and toned and big dicked) Luke Alexander comes home from a hard day at the sex supplies store, calls out to make sure his housemates aren’t home (a rookie mistake- always check their rooms to make sure they’re not waiting for you to get naked!) and thinks he’s alone- so, as you do in these moments, he slaps his new dildo on the kitchen counter, coats it in a layer of spit, and then rides it like a 2-dollar whore on a meth hit.

Andres Moreno and Doug Acre stumble upon the dildo-doings and are quite happy to replace the silicone with their throbbing cocks- resulting in a kitchen threesome, flouting any and all food-safety regulations in the pursuit of some hot masculine butt-fucking. Luke ends up getting spit roasted by Andres’ and Doug’s cocks, turning him into a squealing pig as they both thrust into him, and then Andres’ takes a turn, getting a good porking in both his mouth and ass.

And there’s a happy ending- Luke finishes his day with two fresh loads from his young friends splashed across his handsome face.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Perfect looking latino Topher Di Maggio fucks Casey Everett in sauna

Topher Di Maggio has the most perfect hair in porn- and I think Casey Everett might have the most perfectly smooth, tanned skin, so there’s a lot of ‘perfection’ going on in this scene, and it’s all got my crotch quite pleased with itself. Topher gives Casey a sloppy rim job in a sauna, slapping his tongue against his hole and causing the horny bottom to moan in delight… so yeah, I’m totally jealous. My ass could do with that kinda lick-love.

Casey then moves to riding Topher’s thick cock and boy does he do a flipping good job at it- he bounces up and down, his moans echoing off the tile walls, before Topher takes control and absolutely slams his cock into Casey’s hole- it’s like he wants to punish it for not sending him a Christmas card- and it’s amazing! Watching his balls bounce up and down as he slams his dick home is a beautiful sight- and Casey brought it all on himself when he told Topher that he want’s ‘you to fuck the cum out of me’. You got it boy!

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here. said "wish i was in that sauna"
on January 23, 2015
said "Hot as shit"
on January 21, 2015
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