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Tattooed twink Jo Diamond makes Zac Hunter a notch on his bedpost

Jo Diamond is one of those young men I gaze at dreamily and muse on ‘how one young man can be so damn sexy?’ (ever since I watched him jerk off). He’s got it all- a lean body liberally covered in tattoos, an unblemished, handsome face that wouldn’t look out of place on a runway, perfect lips that form a pout you want to chase away with soft kisses, and a tasty uncut cock that’s begging to have a load or two sucked from it.

Lucky little Zac Hunter (who’s apparently a ‘boy crazy’ teen who’s got a habit of screeching to anyone in earshot that ‘Oh my God, I want him to fuck me!’ when he sees a boy he likes) is today’s young hole for Jo’s cock to make love to.

Because, lets be honest, a boy like Jo may think he fucks guys hard, but really he’s quite a gentle lover who’s still learning about this whole ‘ass fucking’ business. You can tell by watching his eyes- he’s enjoying the sensations Zac’s ass is giving his cock, but he’s far from the confident top he’s pretending to be. Which just makes the whole damn thing just that much sexier.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Tall & handsome Christian Wilde fucks policeman Landon Conrad

Christian Wilde is NUTS (check out his last scene here if you don’t believe me), and it’s going to take all of Landon Conrad’s Porn Police Powers to talk him down from cloud cuckoo-land, and the language he’s going to use is… sex!

Landon calls Christian to tell him that he’s ‘surrounded’ (by an off-screen battalion of police I guess), but once Landon is standing before Christian it’s starkly apparent that it’s the tall, blue-eyed Adonis who’s got all the power here. Certainly he’s cocky enough to demand that Landon ‘Turn around and show me that ass’. Cue Landon’s police uniform coming off in record time and his pert, muscular butt saying hi to an unexpected guest, in the form of Christian’s long, hard cock.

And they say crime doesn’t pay? Having Landon Conrad lying on his back in front of you, legs cocked and his hole ready to take some long-dicking, has to be one of the major perks of being a criminal bad-boy.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Smooth muscle-stud Sean Zevran fucks handsome hipster Jaxon Colt

Before I get distracted by the hotness of this scene I have to comment on something- why on earth did they film everything in front of a blue screen? Were they planning on compositing some special effects into the background in post production… maybe a space battle? Or a giant, menacing butt-plug?

Either way it thankfully doesn’t distract from the passion zinging between these two studs- it’s obvious the guys are really into each other, and the sex they’re having, as it really shows in the intensity they’re showing for each others bodies. Tattooed, pierced and handsome-as-hell hipster Jaxon Colt is at first feverishly working his mouth around Sean Zevran’s thick cock, absolutely slathering it in his saliva, drinking down the pre-cum leaking into his mouth like it’s summer wine.

Sean returns the favour by eating out Jaxon’s hairless bubble butt, opening it up for the fucking about to go down. And boy does Jaxon know how to take a cock- Sean turns is a sweaty fuck machine slamming his cock into Jaxon’s butt and the bottom soaks it all up like it’s a walk in the park- pulling his own legs back, showing off the scruffy and oh-so-hot tattoos on his arms as he does so, opening up his hole so Sean can get maximum penetration…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Incredibly confident hairy-chested guy gets naked on train and jerks

There’s no other way to say it- this guy has got balls of steel. He gets off on stripping practically naked on moving trains, flopping out his VERY LONG and hard cock and jerking off, brazen as hell, in the middle of the day.

He’s got an amazing body too- toned and muscular, with a hairy chest and, I’ve got to mention it again, a beautiful big cock. So big he could easily jerk it with both hands, but rather he chooses to massage the head of it and use the other hand to pinch his nipples or fondle his balls. This is one hot video I’ll be jerking along to for the next few days.

Paul said "AMAZING cock. I love his sense of mischief"
on October 23, 2014

Lucio Saints slams his super-thick cock into Toby Dutch’s amazing ass

Lucio Saints has the kind of dick that makes my eyes water (and my hole twitch) just by looking at it… it’s just… incredible. Super thick, ultra hard and with a long foreskin you want to nibble on, especially when you see it pulling back and forth as he thrusts it into handsome Toby Dutch’s mouth.

Poor (or lucky?) Toby is choking on Lucio’s cock as the dominant top grabs the back of his head and forces his cock balls deep into his mouth, pushing down his throat with unrelenting aggression. Toby has beautiful crystal greenish-blue eyes that look even more stunning when they’re watering up from the forced-cock-feeding he’s getting.

Somehow Toby manages to squeeze Lucio’s dick into his butt hole, and you can tell by how hard his own long cock is that he’s loving it- that donkey dick must be pounding places inside his ass that he never knew he had! Lucio fucks Toby in quite a few different positions- no doubt wanting to show off his versatility to anyone who’s watching them from the totally visible outdoor space that they chose to fuck in- in a terrace overlooking a pool.

In the end the guys both shoots their loads over Lucio, so he’s doing a great impression of a damp cum sponge by the end of their session… put your hand up if you wish you were there to help clean up!

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Searching for cock on Craigslist

Do you ever get the urge to log onto Craiglist and simply ask the world-at-large to satisfty whatever is on your mind? For instance, to have a man come over and fuck your anonymous ass without every seeing your face, or for a young jock to send you pictures of himself in nothing but a pink jockstrap?

I know I do. So yesterday I logged in and made a simple request- ‘send me a picture of your hard dick’. Check out the ad I posted below, and the resulting images I got sent! Some pretty tasty looking cock, especially those long uncut beauties. I’m going to make this a regular thing (because it’s such damn fun), so if you’ve got any requests for things you’d like to see put them in the comments and I’ll get asking!

Searching for cock on Craigslist

Seancody’s toned jocks Ollie & Joey fuck bareback

Seancody models are notoriously gym-crazy, and Ollie & Joey are no exception, happily showing off their naked bodies as they show off their work-out techniques in the Seancody gym before the shoot. They can’t help but compliment each other on their strong legs and toned pecs- it’s almost verging on muscle worship.

The action soon moves to the real reason we’re all here- thick dick sliding between those muscular buns so they can fuck ass- all bareback too. There’s some great angles of Ollie’s cock pushing into Joey’s pearly white ass, and Ollie really does have amazing legs- which means his thick thighs give him some impressive power to slam into Joey with. Ollie also has an Olympic themed tattoo on his upper arm- so I think we’ve got an actual world-class athlete pounding ass before us, who’s swapped the wholesome world of athletics for the cum-drenched dungeon of gay porn… and we’re all along for the ride!

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.


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