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Johnny Rapid gets spit-roasted by older studs Dirk Caber & Phenix Saint

Phenix Saint is making out with ‘stepdad’ Dirk Caber (see here and here for a bit of history) when Dirk’s ‘stepson’ Johnny Rapid walks in the door and, in a fit of classic porn star acting, freaks out at the scene before him. To cut a long story short, Johnny goes from outraged to saying to his stepdad ‘if you get Phenix hard, I’ll suck his cock’… well, he took a lot of talking into it didn’t he!

Phenix understandably gets hard in a New York second, with Dirk sucking on his dick and Johnny whacking his own cock out to jerk off to the scene. Soon the younger mans lips are firmly planted around Phenix’s cock and then all hell breaks loose- Johnny’s holes are all up for grab, and he ends up spit-roasted with Dirk fucking his ass and Phenix using his mouth for some energetic long-dicking (and then vice versa).

The guys really get into the threesome and all sorts of weird and wonderful positions take form (there’s so many options when there’s an extra guy in the mix!)- my particular favourite is when Johnny is lying on the kitchen floor, ass up in the air while Dirk pounds his hole and, in a sexual feat, manages to suck off Phenix at the same time. That is one daddy who has some tricks up his sleeve.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Orion said "SO hot"
on October 21, 2014
Jack said "This is how I like my daddies to fuck me"
on October 20, 2014

Young guy with hairy chest sucks cock and swallows cum

Being great at sucking cock isn’t always the blessing it seems- as you can see in this video.

This hot, hairy young man is giving his friend such a good blowjob that he cums too soon, spilling his thick, white load onto himself. That doesn’t deter the cock sucker though- he leans down and sucks up all the cum, swallowing it and going back to the cock for any he might have missed…

Canadian porn superstar Pierre Fitch flip fucks with Aussie Jaxon Radoc

Apparently Pierre Fitch palatial Canadian digs feature an outdoor gym, which is stocked with all sorts of gymnastics and fitness equipment, and it seemed the perfect place to get some outdoors pre-cum flowing with up-for-anything Austrailan twink Jaxon Radoc. The guys get up to all sorts of acrobatic, often upside down foreplay that soon ends up with Jaxon’s face buried in Pierre’s crotch- balls deep, naturally. Pierre doesn’t it any other way.

The guys start the flip-fucking outside, but I think the chilly Autumn Canadian air must have got to them as they then move indoors, where they warm up into some relaxed penetration. Pierre tones down his aggressive side and fucks Jaxon on his back. and it’s quite hypnotic- I could watch him thrusting so expertly for hours on end. Of course, all good things must come to an end, and it does with a bang- Jaxon shoots cum over his own abs as Pierre continues to pound his hole, making sure that this is one orgasm he isn’t going to forget in a hurry.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Orion said "Pierre may talk too much but he's fucking hot to look at"
on October 21, 2014

Stunning young jock Zane Porter slams his dick into Scotty Marx’s ass

Zane Porter is pretty much the perfect guy for me- young and handsome, he’s got a ripped body (just look at those abs!) and a sexy tattoo sleeve winding down his left arm. Pair those facts with his thick dick and desire to fuck an ass, and I think I’ve fallen hard in lust with him. Certainly Scotty Marx isn’t complaining, as he sucks hard on Zane’s gorgeous cock, trying to get as many inches down his throat as he can.

Scotty himself has got a rocking body, with soft, smooth skin and a tan line that highlights his bubble butt… as if it needed any help in that. He climbs on-board the Zane train and rides that dick like a pro. They’re a great pairing- similar in height and build, with the vigor of youth zinging between them, to the point where Scotty cums without even touching himself- that hard young cock pounding his ass was enough to send him over the edge! As he’s coming down from his orgasm Zane pulls out and coats Scotty’s face with his cum- awww, who said romance was dead?!

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Erotic story: The Jocks series, part 1

By Mark James

Cock, cock, cock, I really want to suck a cock. My problem is that because I’m the premier athlete in my school and also the best looking, I have always felt that it would destroy my reputation if I was outed as a fag. But I almost don’t care any more. Every day I’m in a locker-room full of young, cute, hard body studs and I can’t touch any of them. I jack off all the time to try to keep from having an erection when I`m naked in the locker room.

I was by myself, in the locker room, yesterday. At least I thought I was until I saw this other guy. I had seen him around school but did not really know him. He was nice looking and well built. I wondered fleetingly why he was not on one of the teams. I also wondered what he was doing in the locker room.

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Butch muscle-man Connor Maguire fucks slathered-with-ink Ricky Roman

Every time I see a recent picture of young stud Ricky Roman he’s got a new tattoo snaking across his smooth, tanned skin- I can’t keep up with his body art, let alone which new hot top gets to fuck him today. But once I ripped my focus from Ricky’s abs I noticed that he certainly lucked out this time, as it’s the tall, stacked stud Connor Maguire who is maneuvering between his legs, eager to get his dick into the tight little hole hidden between them. This is my favourite kind of porn- a lithe young bottom getting fucked by a larger, dominant top.

The guys are messing around outside, with a naked Ricky leaning against a tree, pushing out his ass for all the world to see- so it’s natural that Connor soon has his face buried in that incredible bubble butt. Connor then replaces his tongue with his hard cock, prompting passionate cries of ‘give it to me!’, ‘deeper!’ and ‘fuck yeah!’ from Ricky, who’s totally overwhelmed with the pounding he’s getting. Ricky is fucked in multiple positions until he EXPLODES with cum all over his tattooed chest, Connor’s cock still firmly planted inside his ass…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Univorn said "Ricky is my perfect guy."
on October 19, 2014

Treasure Island’s Peto Coast jackhammers into slutty bottom John Dahl

Peto Coast is apparently an ‘infamous’ (though I’ve never heard of him) European stud, but he certainly does have a mammoth uncut cock that backs up the claim- you could club a seal into unconsciousness with it. Insatiable fuck slut (do Treasure Island employ any other kind of men?) John Dahl is up for this big dick challenge, and before he knows it he’s taking part in an upside down blowjob that transforms into an aggressive skull fucking (for the uninitiated, that’s basically where a man fucks your mouth like he’s trying to punch a hole in the back of your head with his cock).

The hole-punishing moves to the John’s eager asshole, where Peto mercilessly jackhammers his cock in and out, giving the happy bottom just the kind of rough treatment he craves. Treasure Island isn’t known for it’s subtlety and this scene is no exception- the fucking is harsh and hard, and Peto is soon shooting his seed into John’s receptive ass, giving him, and us, the kind of cum baptism we secretly crave.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.


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