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Paddy O’Brian and McKensie Cross CAN ACT! And double cross. And fuck.

Oh My Gawd. EXTREME PORN STAR ACTING™! This new scene titled ‘Hard Knox 4′ features a whole cast of guys for a sort of British / Cockney / crime syndicate / double cross porn adventure mash-up (just like this Jake Bass romp in the same universe). Paddy O’Brian and McKensie Cross are the true stars of the show, but they have to get through a whole bunch of plot before getting down to the fucking and sucking.

And I have to admit I’m impressed by their acting skills- shouting at each other while poor Paddy’s trying to take a pee in a urinal, waving guns around (what a boner buster guns are though), having a clandestine crime syndicate meeting that results in an all-out gun battle… it gives me the feeling the director of this scene had a different career path in mind when he went to film school.

Once things calm down Paddy and McKensie plan to split some cash- and to seal the deal McKenise sucks on Paddy’s dick. A little more personal than a hand shake but it works for me. The guys make a great pairing- Paddy looks as masculine as ever, and about as toned and ripped as it’s possible for a man to be, while MxKensie has a cheeky cuteness about him that shines through as Paddy’s cock is slamming into his tight butt. You can tell there’s electricity between the two of them- especially considering how much cum is shot when they bust their nuts!

Watch the trailer below & then check out the whole scene here.

Cute young amateur man rides dildo in a bathroom and cums

I’ve got a feeling this handsome young man is pretending to have a shower so that no-one in the house suspects that he’s actually fucking himself with a dildo (after being inspired by this) and jerking out a load onto the bathroom floor…

I think we’ve all been there. I know I have. You’re desperate to jerk off but the family is over and you can’t escape… except maybe to go have an ‘extra-long shower’ because your muscles are aching from the gym. When really the only thing aching is your blue balls…

The Daily Dick: Suited guys in a car & first time barebacked Bel Ami

Here’s your daily round-up of what’s going on in porn today. Like something you see? Click on the image to watch it!

Billy Santoro fucks Sam Truitt

Beautiful young Bel Ami boys Tom Pollock & Jason Clark fuck bareback

Tom Pollock decided that it was time to visit the Bel Ami Budapest studio because… because… well, does he really need a reason? But still, I’m sure the allure of making a scene with Jason Clark was a good enough reason if he needed one. The two of them are instantly attracted to one another, and who can blame them, they’re both young, hung, muscular and handsome. What I wouldn’t give to be the meat in that sandwich (and this one too while I’m thinking about it)!

They soon get down to sucking on each others uncut cocks, getting them covered in saliva and rock hard- just the perfect combination for fucking bareback. Because that’s where this is heading, oh yes, raw cock is about to thrust into some perfectly-tight Eastern European ass. And boy does it look good to watch- these young guys work up a healthy sweat as they pound ass, before cum gets sprayed all over someone’s lucky tongue…

Watch the trailer below & then check out the whole scene here.

British Darius Ferdynand takes every inch of Cameron Foster’s cock

English hunk Darius Ferdynand is the moaning bottom boy for Cameron Foster in this latest Dylan Lucas scene, and he takes all that cock with a whole lot of moaning- and who doesn’t love a loud bottom who’s eager to tell the world how good the dick up his ass is feeling? I know if I had a muscular guy as hot as Cameron pounding on my hole I’d be screaming the house down.

As usual Darius looks incredible (though I will never get over seeing how good his abs looked when he was oiled up and being fucked by a pool by Brent Corrigan), and watching him bent over with Cameron’s tongue licking at his hole is enough to get me as jealous as hell. Cameron has biceps as big as my head and I found myself staring at them as much as I was staring at his cock sliding inside Darius. So much to look at, so little time before I pump my load over myself…

Watch the trailer below & then check out the whole scene here.

Nick said "I want to be the one doing it :)"
on March 27, 2015
Rick said "Darrius is one bottom I want to see get barebacked and bred!"
on March 27, 2015

Uber handsome man with a furry ass crack fingers himself

Ever wondered what those impossibly handsome men you see roaming around nightclubs or walking their dog in the park do when they get home? Do they spend all day staring at themselves in the mirror, or while away their afternoons sourcing fair-trade organic beans for their artisan coffee blender?

Well here’s your answer- sometimes they strip naked, whack on a novelty hat, throw their toned legs in the air and finger their furry ass-cracks on camera. This toned and handsome man slowly teases his own hole before pushing two fingers into his ass. SO HOT.

Seancody’s bulky Forrest dominates and fucks smaller jock Lane

“Lane has never gotten a blowjob off a dude”… Uh oh, dangerous words to say around the Seancody house. Lane is a small guy, but he’s lean and toned, and has a cute-as-a-button smile. He looks geeky and innocent and I’m a total sucker for it. So is the bulkier Forrest, who upon learning about Lane’s lack of blowjobs offers up his soft, pink lips to solve the problem. Getting Lane all worked up, and now sporting a throbbing boner, Forrest then turns him around and starts to work on his bubble butt, working a finger in to open it up for his cock…

Soon Lane is getting absolutely pounded by Forrest’s raw cock, and squealing like a pig on a spit. It’s all ‘Fuck!’ and ‘Oh God!’, and every other variation under the sun- because this bottom is really taking a railing from Forrest’s bareback cock, and he’s pretty new to this whole ‘getting fucked up the ass thing’, only having been fucked once before. Judging by the amount he cums, he’ll be in a hurry to do it again.

Watch the trailer below & then check out the whole scene here.

Buzzfeed’s video of ‘Men’s Standards Of Beauty Around The World’

BuzzFeed, the ‘listicle’ site that’s hard to avoid and pretty much brain dead on arrival (yes, I know the irony, considering this is a porn blog with an IQ of 5), nonetheless occasional produces something of interest- and this time they’ve got my cock twitching by selecting an international cast of male models to illustrate just how “drastically the physical attributes of the ‘ideal man’ vary across 12 different countries.”

Check them out for yourself below…

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