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Dario Dolce has quite an expressive face, so any sexual contact will cause him to pull a pout and narrow his eyes in appreciative intoxication of the moment. And it’s freaking adorable. Who wants a sexual partner who’s face is seemingly set in stone, where even a mind-blowing blowjob barely raises an eyebrow (you know who you are, person I’m talking about). I enjoy watching a man enjoying what he’s doing, especially when it’s taking a bare cock up his ass; bouncing around on top of new Bel Ami looker Dylan Maguire like he’s a freshly sprung jack in the box.

The guys really go for it, breaking in Dylan big-time, sucking, rimming, flip fucking and basically banging every hole they were born with, using every inch of their uncut cocks, until their young Eastern European balls explode with copious shots of fresh, white cum…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.
Read the review here, watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

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Colby Keller may have lost his Jesus beard and long floppy hair but he’s still got some mighty furry pubes going on- yet despite those big balls of his being ready for a little trim, his mighty dick still looks as big as fuck, proudly mocking the merkin (after all, a lot of guy trim their pubes just to make their cock look bigger).

Seth Santoro gets a classic Colby working over, having his hole eaten out and then getting his mouth stretched out by Colby’s thick, leaking cock- all in preparation for taking it up his tight twink hole of course! At one point Colby is fucking Seth up against a window and- BAM- he slams home, causing the younger bottom to cry out in a mix of pleasure and.. let’s call it pain-tration. But like all good bottoms he doesn’t pull off or complain- he just keeps taking the pounding in full knowledge that it’s building up to a… MIGHTY CUM LOAD! Cor blimey, Colby shoots like he’s the owner of a brand new cum-gun, feeding thick and juicy spunk straight into Seth’s mouth. This has got to be one of the best cum shots I’ve seen in months!

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.
Read the review here, watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

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Handsome and hung (like a horse) Tim Kruger is always eager to sink his big dick into a new, nubile bottom- and Juan López is today’s treat, served up on a cummy platter for a Tim power-topping plowing. Juan is a hot, sexy fellow with a beautiful muscular body, almost smooth all over, with abs popping in the right places and big biceps bulging- which makes it even hotter to see his masculine self lie back and accept every thick inch of Tim’s massive cock as it disappears erotically into his hole.

Tim is on as good form as ever- his cock is rock hard and he’s obviously taking great pleasure in filling both of Juan’s holes. Oh, did I forget to mention that Juan also chows down on Tim’s boner? His can barely get more than a few inches in his mouth before his jaw is stretched out, but he tries to cram more in anyway, because that’s simply how a power bottom is programmed. Anyway, he’s confident that his ass lips will prove to be more flexible… and I can confirm, yes they certainly are.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.
Read the review here, watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

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Here’s your daily round-up of what’s going on in porn today. Like something you see? Click on the link below the video to watch the whole scene!

Men At Play: Beefy studs Denis Vega and Jessy Ares, stripped of suits, fuck in public on a boat

Dominic Ford: Hans Berlin and James Key

Southern Strokes: Toned & smooth Nathan jerks

Men of Montreal: Félix Brazeau & Alexy Tyler

Broke Straight Boys: Tattooed straight boy orgy

Tim Suck: Rocky Calloway sucks a big cock and gets a mouthful of cum from Jin Powers

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Tatted up, hunky and handsome twink Lukas Grande has a fun, carefree attitude that translates into a rousing boisterous presence onscreen- within seconds of watching him I was in full-on crush mode, and really wanted to see him in action. Even sitting bored at home he’s a delight to watch, as he texts flirty messages to Stefan Nash, who’s horny and looking for a masculine twink lover to come over and pound his hole until the early hours.

Lukas liked the sounds of that challenge and headed over, the two talk and make out and then… fade to black. WHA?! What happened? Well, that’s going to be the eternal mystery, as in the next scene they’re lying blissfully in bed together, asleep in the afterglow of some wild and ball-bruising orgasms. But morning boners still have to be obeyed- so they’re both horny and ready to go again, with Lukas taking control and pushing his thick cock deep into Stefan’s hole, causing the blond twink to moan out load. Lukas has really knows how to stroke his dick into a butt, and looks amazing doing it, bent over Stafan, his tattoos on display, his gorgeous butt bouncing up and down as his cock strikes home again and again…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.
Read the review here, watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

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Young Carlos is a sight to behold- he’s got a stunning face with blueish-grey-steely eyes that melt my heart, and he’s backing that all up with a rocking body- of which my most favourite feature is his hard pecs lightly dusted with sexy hair.

Thankfully he lives in a sunny climate so his clothes are off more often than on, and he’s not shy about showing off (well, who would be if they looked like him?). Check out some of his hottest pics below, and if you like what you see go follow him on Instagram.

Instagram crush: beautiful, young & toned Carlos in Madrid

Click here to see loads more pics of him!

Tagged with: Instagram Crush, just broke out the fitted suits and some of the sexiest of their mature models for this HAWT scene- which features the ridiculously handsome and ripped Dato Foland flip fucking with handsome mature man Denis Vega. The two of them look so good in suits I was almost against them ripping them off- but as soon as Denis began his power-abusing and downright erotic seduction of underling Dato, and hairy pecs started to peak through unbuttoned shirts, I was all in to it.

So yea, Denis is Dato’s boss and is totally abusing the trust and power given to him by coming on strong to his younger colleague, blindfolding him, licking and nibbling him, and then finally freeing his achingly hard cock and expecting Dato to suck it. Which he does with abandon, of course- who wouldn’t faced with that beautiful specimen of dick in front of their face? The action soon moves to fucking, with the guys taking turns being bent over the Dato’s desk and fucking the hell out of each others beautiful butts. And Dato’s bonus for a job well done? Well, that’s getting to bust his nut all over Denis’… neck. Well, that’s different.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.
Read the review here, watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

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If there’s one thing that makes my day complete it’s seeing a thick black dick parting the buns of a muscular white ass as it slips raw into the tight hole. The contrast between smooth brown and porcelain white skin getting joined at the hip gets the precum edging out of my cock like nothing else (well, maybe cum facials do too. And big muscles. And Jarec Wentworth).

The guys start off the scene displaying their masculinity to each other and the camera- but, look guys, fucking around with other men doesn’t make you any less of a man, if anything it makes you even more so- surely there’s nothing more masculine than having a cock up your ass, right?! That’s like butchness x infinity. You’ve got nothing to prove here.

But despite my convincing argument try they do, flexing their lats and biceps, displaying for all the world that mankind hasn’t yet evolved past its peacocking phase. Soon Chad’s long & talented tongue is lapping at Tanner’s beautiful, furry ass, getting it wet and open for the pounding it’s about to take from his thick brown dick. And boy does Tanner love getting slammed balls deep by it- at one point he even climbs on-board and rides Chad’s cock, moaning and laughing in pleasure as he works up to a big, cummy finish…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.
Read the review here, watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

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Johnny Rapid has got so rabid for cock that he’s picking up runners off the street- and he especially likes the less friendly, angry looking ones like Dustin Tyler for one reason alone- they’re going to fuck him just that little bit harder. Because, we have to face it, at this point Johnny needs an awful lot of aggression behind a cock if he’s going to feel much- what with getting plugged with a nightstick and taking on a roomful of muscular jocks (among other things).

Dustin Tyler is eventually up to the job- he’s got the body and the cock, but he also wears an awed expression on his face throughout the first half of the scene, almost like he’s thinking ‘I can’t believe THE Johnny Rapid is bouncing up and down on my cock! Wait until I tell my girlfriend!’. Thankfully he finds his confidence by the end of the scene and is happily slamming into Johnny, who of course performs as pitch-perfect as ever, taking Dustin’s load over himself and looking like an adorably doe-eyed twink as he does it.

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.
Read the review here, watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

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