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Lumbersexual Diego Sans fucks young jock Paul cannon

Paul cannon has a crush on his straight roommate Diego Sans. Who just happens to be married. Whomp whomp. Oh well, there’s always the next guy wandering down the street… Oh wait, she just left the apartment to let the guys ‘catch-up’. If that isn’t wife code for ‘do a Brokeback while I’m hitting my husband’s credit card’ I don’t know what is. Anyway, if Paul empties Diego’s balls it’s just one more thing crossed off her list of things to do today. See the full post & video

New Helix Studios twink Kaleb Marshall shows off butt
Hairy masculine power-top fucks slutty bottom bareback
Sexy baseball cap! Cooper fucks Colby hard (and raw!)
Muscular & hung Asian hunk jerks off

When you’ve got an uncut cock this fat, it’s gonna need servicing often. Which is why this dude has got it hard in his car, sticking out of his pants, leaking pre-cum like it’s a cock-faucet. He gets great pleasure in showing off his juices for the camera before licking them off his fingers. Hawt. See the video here

Twink top Evan Parker fucks 18 year old Noah White

18 year old Noah White is brand new to the gay porn world, and has chosen Helix Studios as his ‘first time’. Who can blame him? I’d love to get fucked by the whole roster of Helix’s twinks, especially top Evan Parker, who’s got such an easy going manner and handsome face that he can ease his big dick into any hole he wants just by turning on the charm.

Which is what he does with Noah: interviewing the teenager, chilling him out and quietly smiling as he realizes he’s going to feel Noah’s tight little hole around his cock today. See the full post & video

Older jock Dylan Maguire fucks Manuel Rios bareback

We all know why it’s hot to fuck a young guy- they have so much energy they bounce around on your dick like a kangaroo on a Pogo stick! Just take Manuel Rios in this Bel Ami update, who’s so into getting older jock’s Dylan Maguire up his ass that he can’t help but fuck himself relentlessly on the hard shaft piercing his hole. And damn, it’s super hot watching a young man fucking himself on an older man’s dick. See the full post & video

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Tom woke up the next morning and found Nick laying next to him. His heart sunk. In a moment of weakness he’d wanted someone to sleep with, and now he’d fucked things up. He was sure of it. He rubbed his hand up and down Nick’s back and across his shoulders. His shoulders were thick and muscular. His whole body was getting hard from lifting.

It was a strange feeling. Nick was tight against him like a girl. The same vulnerability and passivity was there. At the same time, Nick was strong and more than capable of handling himself. It had slowly dawned on Tom that Nick was more in control than he was. Nick went with the flow and let hings play, while Tom tried, in vain, to set the pace and control the relationship. See the full post

Power top Viktor Rom fucks Zander Craze bareback

Zander Craze has one love in his life: a power-top’s throbbing cock. It’s kinda what he lives for, and what he enjoys most about filming for Lucas Entertainment- because they have some of the hottest, hardest dicks in the business, and they’re always attached to stunningly attractive men. Like Viktor Rom, who’s about as alpha-male as you could ever want in the man who’s fucking your butt. See the full post & video

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