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Pervy professor Colby Keller fucks student Johnny Rapid… could this pairing be any more perfect?- GMGP blog

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Pervy professor Colby Keller fucks student Johnny Rapid… could this pairing be any more perfect?

Just the name of this scene alone made me fall straight in love- ‘Pervy Professor’ is all about porn star communist/royalty and Youtube intellectual Colby Keller, who in this particular alternate reality is an ‘over enthusiastic’ professor who has a teachers crush on his cute twinky student Johnny Rapid. Now as we all know Johnny isn’t a shy guy when it comes to giving up his ass, so soon he’s got quite a few inches of Colby’s thick dick pounding his hole…

Watch the preview clip below & then check out the whole scene here.

Most people wouldn’t mind a muscle stud like Colby Keller following them around their campus, but when he’s your professor, is it just a little pervy and inappropriate? Of course, but who cares if he’s fuckable and is going to give you better grades, if you just let him open your thighs and push the blunt head of his dick into your ass? Which of course is exactly what twink superstar and all round power bottom Johnny Rapid does. Smart lad right?

The scene starts out with Colby spying on Johnny all over the campus, eye-raping his lean little frame & cute face at every opportunity. Rapid is a bit perturbed- what does this guy want with me? Could he have seen all my bottoming scenes and want a piece?! He outright asks Colby what’s going on, to which Colby replies with some spiel that basically amounts to ‘let me fuck your ass and we’ll be more comfortable around each other.”. He had Rapid at ‘fuck’.

Watching Colby, who’s a big broad guy with a sexy hairy chest and thick, bulging biceps sticking his hard dick up Jonny, who’s pretty tiny and I imagine easily broken by a strong wind, is hot hot hot. A big dominant man, in a position of authority no less, dominating a young, eager, cock-hungry student over a chair is sizzling fantasy material and it got me hard in a second.

The action moves to a bed where Johnny finally mouths those simple, unforgettable words I always want to hear from a twink getting pounded with thick dick “You’re gonna make me cum!”, and cum he certainly did…

[schema type=”movie” url=”” name=”Pervy Professor” description=”Pervy professor Colby Keller fucks student Johnny Rapid… could this pairing be any more perfect?” director=”” actor_1=”Colby Keller” actor_2=”Johnny Rapid” ]
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  • Hronyfuck
    August 1, 2013

    That Johnny is one hot little fucker. MORE PLEASE !

  • Yogurthead
    August 17, 2013

    Damn he is hot isn't he! And pairing him up with Colby was genius.

  • Anonymous
    September 25, 2013

    I want some cock in my ass

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