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Men with English accents can pull off anything. Almost. (full video here)
Is selling lemonade as you're getting pounded from behind hygienic? (full video here)
Rafael Alencar has a shockingly unconvincing case of the stutters (full video here)
You shouldn't fuck where you eat- or fuck while you act (full video here)
I guess when you can do the splits, you get to be #sassy (full video here)
Would the pope really disapprove of jerking a ten inch dick?... (full video here)
Theo Ford's got spadefuls of charm (full video here)
Maybe Seancody's Brodie is simply naturally this cool? (nah) (full video here)
Vadim's shocked that the send button actually... Sends? (full video here)
You think maybe you're gay? Or just bored as hell? (full video here)
I'd really love to believe you, Will Braun, I really would... (full video here)
Porn should never, ever make a star of an offscreen penis (full video here)
Apparently Connor's foreskin is a method actor (full video here)
You gotta loosen up dude, or you'll get whiplash (full video here)
They're either going to fuck him or mug him (full video here)
This police department's budget cuts have been brutal (full video here)
Thank the lord there's sex at the end of this clunky exposition (full video here)
Is Vadim Black's voice breaking again? (full video here)
Connor sounds like a prisoner in his own home (full video here)
Johnny's reaction is as cheesy as my foreskin (full video here)
OK, so strictly it's not acting, but I just love Forrest's awe-struck delivery (full video here)