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Seancody’s American Indian (ish) Trevor fucks ass Seancody’s American Indian (ish) Trevor fucks ass Seancody 2015-05-07T12:09:58+00:00 Seancody Seancody's Trevor Seancody's Tanner

Seancody’s American Indian (ish) Trevor fucks ass

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Seancody’s American Indian (ish) Trevor fucks ass Seancody’s American Indian (ish) Trevor fucks ass
Seancody’s American Indian (ish) Trevor fucks ass

Trevor, a young soccer player with some incredible ball skills, might have some American Indian blood in him. Or he might not. Because Seancody aren’t telling. But what I do know is that’s he ripped, his shoulders are wide and strong and he’s got the face of a cherub. Oh, and he’s about to lose his gay virginity by fucking Tanner’s ass raw.

‘Have you ever done anything with a guy?’


Right answer, Trevor. Right answer.

Yes, this teenage-twenty-something (again, who knows?!) is sinking his dick for the first time into another guys ass. Ring the bells! Release the doves! And who better than to break Trevor in than power top/bottom (depending on which way the wind’s blowing) Tanner, who over the years has taken an unfair share of jock dick (seriously, leave some for us normals), and knows how to accommodate any seven inches of dick that get waved his way.

Tanner breaks Trevor into the whole gay sex thing easy at first by worshiping on his cock- letting the younger guy know just how good it feels to have another mans lips wrapped around your cock. Because us guys know how to give the best blowjob, right?

Tanner than takes more control, climbing on top of Trevor and sliding his raw cock straight into his ass. Damn, can Tanner take every inch with style. He rides Trevor, bouncing up and down on his dick, showing the young jock what it’s like to fuck a tight ass without a whiny girlfriend attached to it.

Things get heated and before you know it Trevor has Tanner on his back, legs in the air, and he’s slamming his whole dick into his butt like he’s been fucking guys for years. Tanner looks up at Trevor with the eyes of someone who’s feeling a slice of heaven and doesn’t know what to do about it, other than moan and pray it never ends.

Unfortunately it has to, but as always in the best way possible- with Tanner announcing that he can’t take any more and is going to spew his nuts, before shooting his young jock cum over his own washboard abs as Trevor still fucks his asshole with a straight boys selfish passion…

  • Gael Etxevarría

    Trevor is partly Filipino. He also has a tat of the sun and stars in the Philippine flag

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